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Best MYSociety Website Features for Samaj, Society, Organization

MYSociety management website - Ingenious, secure and durable software that streamlines social work online. The website has been devised to reach many social activities with the highest efficiency at the same time. A far more efficient approach has been implemented to manage the vast network of society. Social website is a means of efficient and quick execution of the work of the society.

The features of this website of the Samaj is for connecting the society members, family introduction, family (clan) tree, list of organizations. For information about the Bhawan, Dharamshala, Temple. Information about the honorable members of the society, information about the Gotra of the society and Kuldevi. Description of young men and women worth marrying is detail with family. Online donation to society Bhawan, Dharamshala, Temple etc. List of donors. Business of members in the society, Social news updates, updates of the program of the society, enumeration of the members of the society (at the level of village, city, country, profession, gotra, occupation etc.), Information about the talented women who extended respect to the society. You can manage all types for social website.

Chouhan Samaj Management Software Rajasthan

Samaj Management Software

MYSociety Social Software

In the MYScoiety website, business and social work is unique as there is a micro-website for the business which brings business profits and growth. Along with this, complete arrangements have been made for community active work. MYScoiety is a social website as well as a business website.

Website is developed with highest efficiency

  • Focusing on every aspect of society management
  • Bring social work to the society with the highest efficiency
  • Simple, secure and transparent system for members of society
Jodha Family Directory software and app

Family Directory

MYSociety Family Directory

MYScoiety directory would consists of a record of all the our social people assotiated with the specific community from where you can view the details and ancestors & newer generations family tree. Also, you can search for the people by name, surname, mobile number, father name, grand father name, city, state, origin city and occupation.

Family Directory software Features

  • Birthday / Anniversary / Event Reminder
  • Show Achievements of the people with details
  • See records with detail of the people who are no more

B2B B2C Grow Business with Social

Social Business- This is a separate screen for the users of the society, in which You can create/manage your page and your small website. The Vendor will belong to his society and the buyer is the whole country. Those who want to search by business, where you can try keywords for business type, business, city, state and search. Vendor can create/manage own page or small website.

Gour Social B2B B2C Business website

Social B2B Business

MYSociety B2B Social Business

MYSociety B2B company has not ignored social marketing. Keeping the business of the society in mind, the society has given a separate feature in the features. In which the seller can grow the business through his micro website. Both B2B business facilityes are available in the society website.

Grow your business with website & advertisement

  • Business Page
  • Business Micro Website
  • Business Advertisement
Ranawat Social B2B B2C Business website and app

Social B2C Business

MYSociety B2C Social Business

It is easy to manage business operations using MYSociety script. Excellent features stuffed with this script allows the smooth working of a business. One can start up with the best B2B/B2C marketplace script which contains capacities to match responsibility to delivering world-class services to customers. In brief, it is a decent opportunity for social business startups to cross this market begetting a quality service to offer.

B2B/B2C Help Automate a Social Business

  • Only Direct Social Sellers
  • Advertising & Community Based
  • Selling products directly to customers

Admin Management

Manage content in real time, integrate online services and analyze how people interact with your Website. The admin panel can be accessed from any web browser on any device, desktop or mobile. Admin can manage Agent, Advertise, Account, Template, CMS page, SEO. Create unlimited amount of static content pages to explain your terms of service, privacy policy, pricing etc and easily link them to your website.

Rathore Society Management Software with app

Admin Features

MYSociety Admin Features

With Admin access to the MYScoiety, Customize the website to suit your business need. A 'performance review' can be customized for each panel of a website based on 'social'. Search for any user and view all their information, grant / deny access to Agent, manage users’ admin rights, manager users’ access to virtual spaces, terminate Agents.

Admin dashboard & User management

  • Focusing on every aspect of society management
  • Manage by admin palel New, Event, Celebrity & more
  • Effective user access control
Suryavanshi unique features for society website

Attraction Features

MYSociety have unique features

It is robust social management software with a simple dashboard interface, through which many of its features can be easily accessed. The built-in admin dashboard shows you how your job board is doing at a glance, New Users, New Advertisements, New Feedbacks, Agents, Requests and sent applications.

Attraction Features of Samaj Website

  • Census based on occupation of community people
  • Anage your Society News, Event, Celebrity & more
  • Online social work in society with highest efficiency

Create website For Social Business

Creating a website for your Social business can be easier than you think. You can do it if you are so inclined or need to keep costs down for social website, you can get ready made social script, or you can hire a Web developer to do it for you at a modest cost if you use available content management software instead of having a website custom developed for you. Whether you do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you, it will be easier understand these steps, which are an important part of the process to create your samaj business website.

Directory Software Samaj Software

If you are looking for powerful software for Society Online, MYSociety will be completely satisfied. Don't look at social organization management software, proposal software, Directory Software, Samaj Software, social building software, family tree software, B2B - B2C business Software, because MYSociety has all these features.

Why Choose Us

We Attention to website Details and do a plan for success with creativity, theme and design. We have only experts & specialists in develop team whom attention to the small stuff, scheduling of timelines and keen project management that makes us stand out from the rest. We are creative, while keeping a close eye on the calendar and your budget.


Want a unique feature? A specialized plugin? or even some simple changes? Sure! Our professional Team will develop it for you quickly and efficiently.

Wide Range Of Theme

Distinguish your site with Design. Our Design Team knows how to reate unique visual experiences which are crucial to the success of your business.


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What Our Client Say

We are very fortunate to have formed excellent partnerships with many of our clients. And we’ve formed more than just working relationships with them; we have formed true friendships. Here’s what they’re saying about us. Reduce your turnaround time with the social script and maximize your return on investment. It is longer enough to satisfy our customers.

Vishwakarma best platform for samaj website
RatanLal Swami

Best Platform with all the tools for a social network website, potential for the price, is nicely succeeding on the tools MYSociety are providing. It has an instant messages, management system - and more integrated in one platform. Also excellent support from their community.

Brahmins social matrimony website for samaj
Ravi Sharma

The folks at MYSociety have been fantastic. They assisted me in getting the product installed on my server and have been so helpful. The product itself is top notch, I did not come across any other product that is so perfect for social media.

Jat best social network software for samaj
Mukesh Purohit

I give it 10 stars if I could. MYSociety and team provide excellent customer support and best of all, the best social network software on the market. Your time and money will not be waste if you go with this company. This one is a winner!

Rajput best script ready made social website and app
Lakhapat Ramawat

I searched years for a good script, tried many out there, and spent hard earned money looking for a great script to have a samaj social site. I was ready to quit, then happened across MYSociety. It was a dream come true. You don't have to be a coder to have a great light script.

khatik read made society network website and app
Devkishan Bhati

I had tried many platforms for samaj website before finding MYSociety. Let me just say that MYSociety is the absolute BEST social networking platform we've seen. The platform is great, the staff are helpful, and the community is helpful.

Meena Social marriage Software
Vikas Malhotra
Social Networking Software

MYSociety is a revolutionary online platform combining the righteousness of traditional intranet solutions with the power of social features and applications. Specialized in knowledge and expertise management, MYsociety combines the strength of a collaborative platform with the flexibility and agility of a social network that you can taylor-fit to your samaj for particular needs.

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