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Admin Features of MYSociety

  • Manage Location
  • Manage Agent
  • Advertisement
  • Agent commission
  • Manage Account
  • Verification Proof
  • Manage News
  • Manage Event
  • Organization
  • Manage Jobs
  • Manage Feed Back
  • Data Base Backup*
  • Manage Template
  • CMS Page
  • Master Admin
  • Business Catgory
  • Manage Profession
  • Language Support

MYSociety website is a responsive admin & frontend template compatible with latest versions. MYSociety was developed for your backend (admin) and frontend applications. This template comes with easy to use components and a huge collection of plugins to custom some stuff like Micro business website, organization list, payment getway, social magazine, matrimonial features, advertisement, Reminder, dropdown menus, forms, buttons, tables, modal boxes, advanced charts and more, supported by all major browsers, tablets (iPads & others) and mobiles devices such as IPhone and Android Phones.

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Samaj Admin Software

MYSociety User Requirements

Tracking and Managing your all your users requirements are easier than ever. You can Check a Order or Manage Multiple Orders at Once.

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Family Directory

MYSociety Family Directory

The MYScoiety directory will contain a record of all our social people, who belong to the specific community from which administrators / agents can manage the data. You can add / edit family data which includes name, surname, mobile number, address, father's name, city, state, tribe and occupation etc.

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SEO Ready Website

MYSociety SEO Manage

MYSociety website is SEO web design ready website which makes them search-engine friendly. The website is SEO friendly so that Google and other search engines can efficiently crawl every page on the website, interpret the content effectively and index it in their database. Once indexed, they can then serve the most relevant and valuable web pages to their users that they search. SEO strategies and improved SEO team are integrated into the web design process, better chance of indexation and ranking on the first page of search results.

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Agent Management

MYSociety Agent Management

Admin can manage agent account information, Wallet, Money Transaction Details, Agent Advertisement Commission Details. Admin can approve, unapprove to agent.

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MYSociety Advertisement

This is the location for all types of advertising section. The user can manage various advertisements appearing on the home screen. Packages can be made in this website according to time and price.

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Account Management

MYSociety Manage Account

In account management, you can see all the important information related to your account. This page is designed specifically for account managers and administrators who handle accounts as account administrators. You can easily view all the agents account and account history related to your account. Razorpay Account management for Organization, Temple, Bhawan ect.

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Google Language Support

MYSociety Language Support

The MYScoiety website includes Google Translate APi, a free multilingual translation service developed by Google, to translate text and websites from one language to another.

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Templates & CMS Page

MYSociety Templates & CMS Page

In MYScoiety CMS, pages are based on page templates. You can apply a default template to all pages on your site. For example, pages that serve different purposes or scenarios and therefore no need different design. Each page on your website has common elements, such as header with a logo and with contact information. Thus, for pages with diverse purposes and design, you use different page templates.

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Payment Getway

MYSociety Payment Getway APi

The MYScoiety website has online payment features. Users can use Online payment, online donation and online transaction. MYScoiety Provides a stable, reliable, secure and smooth online shopping experience such as PayU, Cashfree, Razorpay, PayPal, CCAvenue etc. Payment Gateway *

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B2B B2C Business

MYSociety B2B B2C Business

The MYScoiety Micro website makes it available to entrepreneurs, small businesses, home-based businesses and those selling products or services. Through the business website, information about you, your business, products and services can be offered as an extension of your business card. Websites are important in creating and developing new customers.

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Members Login

MYSociety Social Login Feature

Add a member's area to your site so visitors can sign up and access member pages and services. A member area is a tool that enables members of your site to have their own account on a social site. There is also a login feature through social media. It is easily visible in the social site with a login bar and allows your members to log in from any page.

Custom Features for Social Solutions

  • Social Media App
  • MYScoiety Chat
  • MYScoiety Blog & Forum
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Master Admin

MYSociety Master Admin Features

More features added in Master Admin such as Agent configurations for set price and discount, Manage Cast Gotra, Add edit Relations, Manage Educations field, Manage Locations Type, Create Advertisement package, Manage Business and Job type, Verification Proof for Members/Agent/Vendor, Mother Tongue, Manage home page Banners.

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